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Masters Track

View Web quality photos and slide shows of Masters Events

 For copies of  images please email with event name, date and image filename (click show details below large view of your image) and any other information. High resolution images are available.  Images will be colour balanced,  levels and sharpening adjusted and cropped if needed. They will be emailed to you.  Equipment and web hosting fund costs require payment of which may be made securely via Paypal  cost is $4 (or more) per image.

 These images are restricted to limited personal non commercial use and for the personal use of the client and not for resale or license to any other person or entity. Any editorial use must be only with permission and  photographer credit and with restricted and limited editorial rights usage for visual reporting to illustrate general interest and specialty stories for information, documentary or photojournalism (but not advertorial) purposes only.   The file size is large (6 MB) so it can be slow or difficult with a slow connection or small E-mail inbox. If you need the full size file posted to a web site for download let me know.